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Add on Adventures

Create a buzz and bolster the enrollment of your next event by adding any of these amazing activities!

Horseback Riding


Plan a full day of rides for your group! We have a full stable of horses and experienced staff capable of providing riding experiences for guests of most ages. Whether it be pony rides in our corral, an afternoon on our trails, or a combination of the two, this adventure is one that will give your group lasting memories!


$15.00 per ride plus $100.00 per day and mileage for each wrangler needed to manage rides. Minimum of (2).


Canoe Rentals


Have a fishing tournament with your friends, a canoe race for bragging rights at your family reunion, or even add a romantic touch to a special day planned with your love. The possibilities are endless with this great addition to any stay at TRC. 

$100.00 per day for all canoes (includes life jackets and paddles) Group supplies individual to monitor this venue. 


Ski boat Rental

There is nothing quite like the rush of riding on a speed boat unless of course you are being pulled behind it on a red shark! Fun for all ages, there will be no shortage of great photo-ops and smiles when you add this very popular adventure for your group.

$70.00 per hour plus $100.00 per day and mileage for boat driver. (Includes life jackets, sea sled)


Lifeguard Services


Cpr, First-aid and Blood-borne pathogen trained
Safety should always be your first priority. Having our cross trained, certified lifeguards at your next event can let your group relax and focus on having fun.

$100.00 per day plus mileage for each lifeguard. Minimum of (2)

Making it Work.

Upfront the additional costs may seem daunting. But in reality we are offering these services at or below cost. Further more, numbers work to your advantage! The more people you have sign up for your event, each addon you choose will be 'less' per attendee. The upfront cost of that is charged by TRC is soley covering travel and wage for our workers (hard working college students) who are taking time out of their schedule because they truely love the missionary work we do here at TRC!